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November 23, 2009

A lot of people don’t understand why people cut, so let me explain.  So, you know how when you have a twisted ankle you ice it?  At first, the ice hurts a ton, but then it numbs the pain and makes it so you can use your ankle again.  Cutting is the same, sure it hurts but the pain is soon followed by a great feeling of relief and then nothing, the pain is gone.  Then the next day you can be strong and get through the day again.



November 23, 2009

Just something I wrote about how “alienation” is used as an excuse not to listen to kids


You say my mom alienates me

And pay no mind to me

When I’m telling you that what I say is true

My father did hurt me last night

But you don’t care at all

You shrug it off as my mom’s fault

And tell me I have to be good

My father beat my sister last night

I could hear her screams

I cried because I could not help her

And could not block the screams

When I told you this, you told me to be good

And said that I could only see my mom if I did not tell a soul

I am still haunted by my sister’s screams

But you just shrug it off

As something, that my mom told me

And pay no mind to me