Just something I wrote about how “alienation” is used as an excuse not to listen to kids


You say my mom alienates me

And pay no mind to me

When I’m telling you that what I say is true

My father did hurt me last night

But you don’t care at all

You shrug it off as my mom’s fault

And tell me I have to be good

My father beat my sister last night

I could hear her screams

I cried because I could not help her

And could not block the screams

When I told you this, you told me to be good

And said that I could only see my mom if I did not tell a soul

I am still haunted by my sister’s screams

But you just shrug it off

As something, that my mom told me

And pay no mind to me


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7 Responses to ““Alienation’”

  1. Betsy Johnson Says:

    I am a 40 year old mother of three in the USA, brand new to your website, and I want you to know that WE LOVE YOU, WE BELIEVE YOU, and WE ACHE FOR YOU and FOR YOUR MOM and all others who share your fate…..the evil plague against moms and children is worldwide, but now many are finding out the truth and we will pray for you and work for you to be free! You show great intelligence and strength and I am grateful for your courage to speak out against everything you are facing!

  2. Ray Fernandez Says:

    You have made clear your strength even out of the mouths of babies at the breast, because of those who are against you; so that you may put to shame the cruel and violent man. Psalm 8:2 Bible Basic English

    Little children can not be helped by the CPS ,DCF, who further victimizes and traumatizes them Desperate children whose parents are being slowly murdered in isolation one drip at a time.
    Desperate mothers whose children are ripped from their arms….

    Never in the history of man has such cruelty been perpetuated upon man, separating children from their mothers, separating grown kids from their aged parents, many times never to be re united again as a normal family again as their assets are promptly deposed of at fire sales:

    And restraining orders are entered to keep families apart while their elders are chemically restrained and murdered…..

    In the same desperate attempt to to be heard, to voice the injustices that are performed unto them by alienating children from their mother, older parents from their children, in the war against families the only winners is the legal system’s cottage industry and their bosses, but we of the slave class are all losers, all victims, and we are all disposable.

    Little girl , I don’t know your name but I applaud your courage, at your young age, you have been made to lose your innocence you know you can not turn to the authorities as there are none, you know that you can not turn to the Child protection agencies as they are your executioners, ‘Little Girl’ you ask “Why doesn’t anybody help” and you keenly observe in your eloquent poem that made me cry “But you just shrug it off”

    All I can say to you is to be strong, this isn’t the first time that this happened under the veil of government, there was once not to long ago millions of people asked themselves the very same questions you are asking “Why Doesn’t anybody help?” as they were marched to their date with destiny at Auschwitz, like sheep to the slaughter while the same men remained quiet about what their government was doing just like they are quiet today.

    “But you just shrug it off”

    Ray Fernandez

  3. Evanlee Says:

    I am so sorry for all you are going through. I believe you. I pray for you. I applaud your courage to speak out, and fight back.

    I lost 2 kids due to anti-family court injustice, both live in danger every day of their lives. When my kids call they often act like everything is okay, and sometimes its like they don’t even miss me… I know they have to do certain things to survive. But still it hurts, and my heart grieves for them–and for you and your family.

    Reading your blog helps me keep in perspective what my kids are going through, and gives me the strength to keep fighting. Sometimes I have a weak moment and want to believe everything is really fine..I want to believe my kids are happy and safe…and when I wake up aching in the morning from lack of sleep bc I was up all night typing motions and collecting evidence..I want to know this will end one day. Then I am reminded of you. And I forget me and my aches and my sadness and I see my kids, I see you…and I know I cannot stop fighting until they are safe.

    And when my kids come home I will keep on fighting bc no child should have to live this way. I will keep you in my prayers.

    ~ Evanlee

    “Dr. Gardner has slashed himself,
    His blood drowns the innocent
    In the unscientific, unproven accusation
    Of parental alienation syndrome…”My poem on Parental Alienation: http://parentingabusedkids.wordpress.com/2007/10/03/parental-alienation-a-poem/

    • givememymom Says:

      I’m so happy that I could help a mother find strength. I know that I am so careful not to show my mom just how bad stuff can get and just how hurt and depressed I often am, it’s our way of protecting our mothers. Thank you.

  4. BMihaelll Says:

    I was searching the web and stumbled upon your website. I really enjoyed reading your posts and will be back to interact with your community.

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